1.Jon Moxley vs Ethan Page ***

2.Trent? vs Nick Jackson ***1/2

4.Hook vs Serpentico NR

5.TBS Title: Jade(c) vs Anna Jay **3/4


This one kicked off with Mox's in-ring return. I appreciated that it wasn't a squash and that Ethan actually got some shit in. Instead, this was actually a fun opener that made both look solid. Mox, of course, came off best. As he should have.

Jon and Danielson shared a moment after while I loved, too.

Next, Trent?, who has been perhaps better than he's been in years since returning, and Matt had a singles match. TB looked good but I also have to give credit to Nick. The dude has had a handful of solid singles matches in his career and it's always nice when he gets to show off his abilities in such settings. This one was easily MOTN and a very good contest overall.

The Bucks and Hardys will resume their fun rivalry pretty soon, by the way.

Hook continued to murder fools, this time deep-sixing Serpentico. Play it cool and let this drip, TK. QT came out after sadly but at least it was kept short and ended with a stage suplex spot.

The main event was...Jade defending against Anna Jay. I know AEW likes to kick off Rampage with a spark, but it surprises me that they ran this over Mox in the spot. I had very low expectations considering the performers involved but it did surprise me. First, I am glad they didn't squash Anna and completely continue the Goldberg treatment for Jade. Second, it was better than expected and actually came close to being sincerely good. This was perhaps the best performance I've seen from the champ, even.

In all, this was a solid hour of action and came off a lot better than Dynamite. I left happy with what I saw and ready for more. Thumbs up for a throwaway episode of Rampage!

Overall Rating: 75/100%