AEW Dynamite: Winter is Coming Review


1.AEW World Title: Page(c) vs Danielson ****3/4

2.Sydal vs Warldow NR

3.Shida vs Deeb ***1/2

4.Dynamite Diamond Ring: MJF vs Martin ***


I'm finally settled in after the winter break plus my latest move and it's time to catch up on shit.

Winter is Coming is something I've been very excited to see, so lets dig in!

Taz, Excalibur, and Tony on commentary. Fuck yes.

The show opened with a world championship match, ending in a 60-minute draw. It's shit like this that keeps me coming back. A near masterpiece of work, featuring the best US born pro wrestler of all time against a dude that you can tell works his ass off every time he goes out. The work here alone was top notch, making the length feel about half, but the storytelling along the way deserves praise, too. This is one of the best matches of 2021 and well worth the time. 

Check it out if you missed it!

Cole and crew want to beat up an old lady.

Wardlow destroyed Sydal in the second match as Spears worked as an annoying manager. They continue to set up Wardlow for a face turn.

The Conti/Ford angle is sadly still rolling on well past it's due date.

A package ran with Black promoting the setup for his unit. Brody, seemingly, set up as a member with the ending of the segment.

Next up, Shida won a very good match following a shit finish meant to protect Deeb. This rivalry has been very enjoyable, even if I think they haven't hit the levels possible considering the competitors.

Griff and Hart in Black's unit? Maybe. That's the possible vibe I am getting. Julia's comparisons to Bliss will be multiplied if so, depending on how they deliver it.

MJF cut a pretty good promo, comparing Punk to Ryback. Fun shit.

The main event was good, but far from must-see. MJF won, thanks to a bit of help from Starks. The angle with Dante being in Team Taz ended way too soon.

FTR came out to celebrate with MJF.

Lights out.

Sting and Darby cleared house, for a moment, but lost advantage.

Punk's music hits as he runs off the heels.

The show certainly peaked in the first hour with an amazing performance, but the second hour was okay for what it was and it all went down as a solid special edition episode of pro wrestling.

Thumbs up.

Overall Rating: 85/100%

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