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PILLARS: 1990, HEART, FLY, and MASK! Coming Soon!

Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binaries, I'm proud to announce the release of PILLARS: 1990 due for release this FALL! Also, HEART, FLY, and MASK. HEART will look at joshi gems for the 90's, FLY will be on the subject of that same era in M-Pro, and MASK looks at 90's lucha. Digital will come as a gift to those donating $10 and $15 is for DVD. Keep an eye out for more information.

WCW Nitro #11 Review

Matches: 1.Macho Man vs Meng *1/4 2.Sasaki vs Benoit NR 3.WCW TV Title: Badd(c) vs Guerrero **3/4 4.Sting vs Malenko **1/4 Thoughts: Hogan's promo to start this was so fucked it made me think someone had slipped me acid or something. What was especially fucking weird was how Halloween themed this was despite being a few weeks past the holiday at this point. Savage beat Meng in a very meh match and, instead of a decapitation after, we just had Lex trying to rip an arm off. The next one saw Benoit against a dude that they promoted as getting a title shot that week. So, what did they do? Did they build up the challenger? Nope, they made him look weak, falling in under three minutes. To be very clear, Sasaki is an awesome worker and this match was actually a solid sprint. Still, the booking call baffles me here. A Television Championship match saw Badd and Eddy working a time limit draw, which was decent but you could tell they were padding time terribly at times. A great match hopeful