We are STARDOM!! #98 Review


1.Future of STARDOM Title: Unagi(c) vs Ruaka ***1/2

2.High Speed Title: Starlight Kid(c) vs Fukigen Death ***1/2

3.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Tam(c) vs Mayu ****1/2


This one kicked off with a very good Future of STARDOM Championship match, with Ruaka picking up the victory. The midcard saw one of the best wrestlers in the world take on Fukigen Death, who is a capable worker in her own right. They did a pretty nice job. Borderline great, even.

The main event was the big attraction here, though.

Mayu and Tam made a time limit draw work. They destroyed themselves and each other and the dramatic build and storytelling was masterful. A MOTYC for sure.

In short, this episode fucked!

Overall Rating: 85/100%

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