PWG Mystery Vortex 7 Review

  1. Tony Deppen vs Jack Carwheel ***1/2
  2. Brody King vs JD Drake ***3/4
  3. Demonic Flamita vs Arez ***
  4. Jon Gresham vs Lee Moriarty ****
  5. Aramis, Rey Horus vs Myron Reed, Trey Miguel ***3/4
  6. Orange Cassidy vs Evil Uno ***
  7. PWG World Title: Bandido(c) vs Black Taurus ****


PWG's return turned into a pretty fun show altogether. I am honestly not sure if they can ever really reach the same place they were just a few years ago, but these shows still tend to be very entertaining gems more often than not.

Tony Deppen and Jack Cartwheel got things off on a nice note with a match that did well to represent a large pocket of the American indie scene as it stands.

Brody and Drake worked a bruiser of a contest that I really enjoyed. I really wish JD would work like this and like he did in EVOLVE when he is on bigger stages. His AEW stuff so far has been very disappointing. Like Roode's WWE run.

DF and Arez sadly didn't hit the levels I had hoped for, feeling like a lesser version of what can be seen daily in Mexico. They're both capable of far better.

The tech wizards killed it in the four spot. The show has a solid flow about it right now. I really want a Catchpoint/Foundation style unit in AEW with Bryan and dudes like these. No real leaders. Just a fight club of badass technical masterminds. Fantastic match.

The chaotic and energetic tag match between Rey Horus and Aramis against Reed and Trey? Great stuff for sure. Flippy shit. Fun shit.

Orange and Uno is something I really wanted to love. I was a big CHIKARA fan, sadly. It was good, don't get me wrong. It just wasn't on par with much of the rest of the show. A calm down before the main, I suppose.

Speaking of, Bandido and Taurus' match was fantastic. Bandido is so fun when he's given the right spotlight. Taurus too, to be honest. I saw the dude's career really kick off and have enjoyed the rise.

The post-match angle was badass. I won't ruin it.

PWG isn't the same it once was, but they are still often fun as hell and this show really fits that description. Give it a spin.

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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