Red's RV Report #1: Newbie Issues With Pikachu

I was going to name my RV Patty, because I purchased it in New York and it was snowing at the time. Kudos to those that get why based off of the information. I am now thinking of naming it Pikachu, because I am getting it ready for use and I ran into electrical issues.

I plugged Pikachu into a generator and the thing gets power. If I use the onboard generator, which requires the cab to have the key put to ON position to start up and at least 1/4th a tank of gas, all I can do is get the lights and air conditioner to run. The microwave, TV, and all of that has nothing. I found the hidden house battery and saw it was switched to ON, but alas there was nothing going on.

I am going to check the battery with a tester I purchased and see if that's the issue.

I can already tell this entire thing will be a learning process, but I am excited for the journey.

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