CMLL Aniversario 88 Review


1.Mexican National Middleweight Title: Templario vs Dragon Rojo Jr ***1/2

2.CMLL World Tag Titles: Gemelos Diablos vs Volador Jr, Titan **1/2

3.Mexican National Tag Titles: Atrapasuenos(c) vs Ola Negra ***

4.CMLL World Heavyweight Title: Ultimo Guerrero(c) vs Hechicero ***3/4


I watched this year's Aniversario via the stream above. Note that the men's national tag title match has been switched around from it's original PPV position in which it aired. The women's match that had main evented is completely MIA. I give CMLL props for having that women's tag contest close the show, but it was begrudgingly done and I feel it missing here is worth noting. This company has a mountain of issues so it's just another apple in the pie, though.

So, the Mexican WWE's Wrestlemania event took place at the end of September and had a card (and card placement) that was voted on by fans. Despite the fact that CMLL utilizes 2/3 falls rules matches for almost everything they run, they've been moving away from that a bit, usually with little communication. This was especially true tonight, with the whole damn card falling into one fall territory. The tag matches aired here were still basically elimination rules, though, because things are a little different in CMLL. Just a heads up for fans new to the product that might want to click play.

This show is the first time I had noticed the Ring of Honor logo missing from the scroll screens. It's probably been missing since shortly after they fucked up the relationship. CMLL is the oldest promotion still around though and Ring of Honor is either dead, or being capitalist dipshits, so I guess they won in the end.

The first match was borderline great, with Templario working hard and Dragon Rojo Jr. stepping up decently, as well. They went big for their spot and it paid off. The finish felt a bit weak after everything else, but that's a minor nitpick at most. Loads of fun spots and a nice pace.

Next, we has the Gemelos Diablos boys proving that they were out of their league against Volador and Titan. I get that CMLL is leaning into the group heavily, but they did not belong in a spot against Volador and Titan on the biggest show of the year for the company. Fishy stuff with the voting, perhaps? Anyway, it was a pretty average affair and one that allowed Volador to think he could phone in a performance on a big stage as a result. Skip it.

The flying tooth tag match was honestly good. I can't say enough was done to make it must-see, but I had fun with it. Disjointed a tad perhaps, but all involved made it work more than not. Fans in attendance seemed more interested in Zacarias than anything though. Polarizing, perhaps.

The stream ends with the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship match, featuring one of my top five dudes in lucha libre winning the prize. UG is embracing the heat. I loved the technicality on display and the way the two leaned into it. It was a great battle and the fact that Hechicero got the W is awesome.

CMLL has been a bit of a mess this year, which isn't anything new, but the Aniversario shows tend to be fun. I enjoyed this event stream well enough, especially the two singles matches. If you're in a rush and haven't already watched the show, check out those two at least. In all, it was an entertaining and enjoyable enough gig but I'd give TripleMania the head to head win once again for those keeping score.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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