We are STARDOM!! #91 Review


1.Himeka vs Mina NR

2.Iroha vs Konami NR

3.Syuri vs Utami ****

4.Future of STARDOM Title: Unagi(c) vs Waka NR

5.Ruaka vs Saya NR

6.Momo vs Fukigen Death NR

7.Momo vs Saki NR

8.Natsupoi vs Himeka NR

9.Giulia vs Mina NR

10.Koguma vs Starlight Kid NR

11.Syuri vs Konami ***1/2

12.Iroha vs Tam ***3/4


Himeka pinned Mina to start this one, aired only in quick digest form, and then proceded to tease a future title shot. The format continued, showing Iroha eating a flashpin.

Syuri and Utami was, thankfully, not clipped down to that same level. While edited still, enough aired to make a point and yeah, this was fantastic stuff. Ending in a time limit draw felt like a smart move considering the participants and they put in the work to ensure that it didn't feel like a cop out. It's shit like this that keeps me watching every week.

A series of quick clips from the 6th aired next. I wish the Natsupoi match had been shown more completely.

Syuri put in for another noteworthy match next as her and Konami stepped up nicely. In what aired, we had a pretty good match with an interesting finish. Syuri is on another level right now but Konami was more than decent here, too.

This week's episode closed with Iroha versus Tam, which was a nice fighting-spirit heavy main event. Iroha is so much fun when she works STARDOM shows and Tam has been on fire lately so of course this was going to be fun. I hope we get a title defense rematch soon.

Hey look, another episode of We are STARDOM!! that's worth checking out...

Do it.

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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