We are STARDOM!! #90 Review


1.Natsupoi vs Fukigen Death NR

2.Ruaka vs Konami NR

3.Mina vs Starlight Kid NR

4.Unagi vs Maika NR

5.Iwatani vs Himeka NR

6.Himeka vs Fukigen Death

7.Maika vs Iroha ***1/2

8.Future of STARDOM Title: Unagi(c) vs Rinas NR

9.Iwatani vs Lady C NR

10.High Speed Title: Natsupoi(c) vs Starlight Kid ***3/4


This one featured content from August 28th and the 29th's 5STAR GP entries. I feel like shit, so lets keep it short. Most of what aired was digest form looking at the finish sequences. The rest, including an Iroha match and Starlight beating Natsupoi for gold, rocked. The 30-minutes blew past and everything was enjoyable, like it is basically every week.

Give it a spin. It's worth it.

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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