Ring of Honor TV #522 Review


1.Pure Rules Gauntlet ***1/2

2.Pure Rules: Mike Bennett vs Rhett Titus ***3/4


Last week's episode was very good, showcasing nicely in one hour the current direction of the brand. This week, they gave us a far more portioned view focused specifically on the ROH Pure division. Seeing as I really love this aspect of the brand, I have no issue with this but I do know there are many that aren't as entertained by the style so it's something to know in advance.

We started with a pure rules gauntlet that ended with Brian Johnson standing tall, besting Keys and a field that included Delirious, CB, LSG, and Martin. It was pretty good overall and a fun, athletic way to kick off the installment.

The main event saw a judge's discussion (following a 15-minute draw) in favor of Bennett. Honestly, this overdelivered in my opinion, giving us a great contest to close the show. The ruleset really works well for these dudes and the outcome honestly worked well in this situation.

Ring of Honor has been locked in since they returned late last year from their COVID pause and are different than anything else being produced. This episode served as a nice example to that statement. If you like pure style wrestling, or are intrigued by it, consider pulling the trigger and watching this week's episode. If you aren't a fan, move along.

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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