Manchester Orchestra: The Million Masks of God Review

Some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard is from Manchester Orchestra. On The Million Masks of God, they've added a few more additions to that list. There is a haunting wall of sound adding a layer of paint on the opener, Inaudible. This sets the tone properly for the rest of the release. The musicianship on display here is a progression on what has already been on display, increasingly with each installment.

The instruments play artfully along with purpose, always slightly in conflict with each other and the vocals are as passionately sung as ever with the words of a man that clearly thinks himself a poet more than a vocalist.

I sincerely appreciated seeing what window the group would open next and The Million Masks of God certainly didn't disappoint. I'm sure I will find myself reopening it frequently and I urge all reading this to give this one a spin.

Rating: ****1/2

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