Ice Ribbon #1145 Digest Thoughts

I've enjoyed most of the Ice Ribbon content I've seen over the years. While waiting for the next content from All Japan, I realized the joshi fed actually also runs digest videos. I'm not committing to watching each release, I am thinking of at least checking out the bigger shows in this format.

Tsukushi Haruka won the IW-19 Championship, beating Hamuko Hoshi in the first aired highlights. A decent pace and Haruka came off pretty well.

Next, the FantastICE belt was successfully defended by Rina Yamashita as she retained against Thekla in a chain match. Hard hitting stuff and a fun looking hardcore match in general.

RebelXEnemy versus Azure Revolution for the International Ribbon Tag Team belts was a gas pedal match. The finish was a tad off but this had a good spirit about it. Both teams are entertaining. Azure retained.

Last on the digest, ICExInfinity Champ, Tsukasa Fujimoto, and challenger, Ibuki Hoshi, traded chops until their chests were deep red. The apron bump was decent and several of the spots were well done. The champ retained. Enjoyable.

After, the two shared an emotional moment and then challenges were made.

I picked this to get myself reacquainted a bit with the product. I enjoyed it.

The IW-19 Champion is spirited and has potential.

Rina Yamashita is talented.

The tag team division clearly has at least two good groups.

The champ was someone I was already a fan of.

I have no complaints with the content and sincerely found this to be entertaining stuff. Yeah, I'll be back for more.

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