1.Open the Dream Gate Title: Shun Skywalker(c) vs KZY ****1/4


While I was very happy to see KZY win the King of Gate tournament this year, I was in no way expecting him to actually win the big belt unless the company was planning on another Susumu reign. I'd have been cool with it, but I also really like Skywalker and I feel the outcome here was the right one. KZY just being in the title picture as often as he has been lately is fun.

A quick note on #SLAMMASTERS, but we're celebrating my son's birthday this weekend plus I'm still trying to figure out the right way to make the show work so there isn't any to watch for now. I'll try to get in a better groove for the series.

So, this match ruled. There was a nice level of physicality, fighting spirit story work, and a strong pace throughout. Skywalker has continued to grow as not just a champ, but as a worker. Him and KZY worked hard and made this feel like a real big match deserving on the platform. Both deserve a lot of credit as does DG for getting us to the point where a match like this could even happen and make sense.

I recommended THIS episode as a starting point for new, or returning, fans. This one is a great follow up.

Overall Rating: 95/100%