Dragongate Cutting Edge Battle #117 Review


1.Open the Brave Gate Title: Okuda(c) vs Horiguchi **3/4

2.Open the Twin Gate Titles: R.E.D.(c) vs Natural Vibes ***3/4


This edition kicked off with a short, but largely good, Brave Gate Championship contest with Okuda falling to the infamous Backslide from Heaven! I have mixed feelings on it, but this was okay for what it was for the most part.

The episode closed with R.E.D.'s Ishida and KAZMA defending the Twin Gate straps against Shimizu and Susumu of Natural Vibes. Some great action here and it was cool seeing Susumu win gold. I really like that dude.

Two title changes on this one and a strong main event make this one a no-brainer. Check it out.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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