This month, I experimented with posting results of numerous promotions while simultaneously making a few, and by that I mean several, changes to the site. Admittedly, adding these result posts to the site was an attempt to do something nice for my readers. From a selfish standpoint, which I present now as a quick reminder to anyone checking this post out that I am not a complete saint, I've also been posting these entries to showcase how fucking loaded RW+B is.

I pride myself in the depth of pro-wrestling on display here, after all.

The experiment has now completed and it's time to make a choice. Know in advance that time is a piece of shit and something that I'd release the hounds on if I could. Of course, my dogs would just sniff time and then ask for belly rubs, but I digress.

So, I am going to try mixing things up a bit with the results posts by kicking off a follow up experiment. Instead of multiple posts a day, I'll instead move to trying out a weekly coverage dump.

That sounded interesting before I dropped the word dump, didn't it?

Anyway, I have more to dump about in this post but lets take a sidestep so that I can show you what promotions I will be largely focusing on with these result posts. For some of these, note that I'll stick largely to major show results being included.

  • 2AW
  • AAA
  • AAW
  • AEW
  • AJPW
  • BJW
  • CCW
  • CMLL
  • CZW
  • DDT
  • DG
  • GCW
  • IWRG
  • MLW
  • NJPW
  • NOAH
  • NWA
  • OTT
  • PWG
  • ROH
  • TJPW
  • UWN Brands
  • ZERO1
I'll also try to step up on posting previews for the the bigger shows for these promotions more often. I'll still keep away from click-bait bullshit headlines.

Note I've also added a list to the side of the site, which might require a click of that shinny button in the corner if you're on mobile, featuring the world champions that I recognize here. The whole place is having a slight rebranding thing going on, too. Anyway, I'll actually close this here but I hope the changes are going to be enjoyable to y'all. This joint is both a nice outlet for myself but also, hopefully, a fun place for some of you, too.

Shout out to the decent sized community of people from Indonesia, Germany, and Hong Kong that are stopping by. I have no idea why you're coming so often, but I appreciate your views.