We are STARDOM!! #86 Review


1.Recapture Gauntlet: Mayu vs Oedo Tai **1/2

2.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Tam(c) vs Starlight Kid ***

3.Goddesses of STARDOM Title: Donna del Mondo(c) vs Queen's Quest ***1/4


Dynamite left me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth this week. Oh, I also tried to watch the CWFM episode from last week. I just couldn't get through enough of it to start a write up. 

We start with a 1 vs 5 match in clips. Mayu The Almighty chipmunked her way through the unit. When it got down to a 1 on 1 situation, we moved away from just seeing the finisher highlights. It was overbooked a bit and overloaded with heel tactics stuff. Starlight watching on was the big part here and then they shared a moment in post. It was okay for what it was.

Ruda SLK came perhaps closer to winning a big one than ever before, in part thanks to her partners. It was a bit overbooked but they still worked hard enough that it was good.

Giulia landed a headbutt that busted her open. The main felt a bit fractured but it was fun chaos overall and the best thing of the night. Fairly good and the right side won.

In all, this was an important episode for legit fans of STARDOM, but it's skippable unless you aren't too hooked on the brand.

Overall Rating: 65/100%