PWG Mystery Vortex 7 Preview Video & Thoughts

The latest highlight reel for the latest Pro Wrestling Guerilla show is now up and it started with Super Dragon's latest return. 

Cartwheel versus Deppen. JD versus Brody. Arez versus Demonic Flamita. Moriarty versus Gresham. Horus and Aramis versus Miguel and Reed. Evil Uno versus Orange (with Knox getting a shot in). Bandido versus Taurus for the PWG strap. 

I might still miss the old place, but hearing Excalibur working commentary as Barbarian Overlords plays felt nice.

Taurus, Flamita, and Super Dragon as a trio is fucking awesome and all of the matches looked like they were worth seeing.

Malakai Black appearing at the end of the reel worked nice as a cherry.

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