This week's BTE is the first I've watched in a while.

They started with Punk backstage before his entrance and then we saw Kenny, Matt, and Nick mocking him as he cut his promo. 

Cut to a flight in and an escalator ride and we're officially near my hometown. 

Doc decided to tell us that he made a Festus in his pants. The Bucks/Express match clips from Cutler's cam would've been fun but the finish was missing and the entire thing made me super dizzy. I can't do that shit. 

The Bucks apologized for introducing a chair into the Rampage match that saw Kenny drop gold. He's cool, even referenced AAA and Flair.

Kenny's doing a Yeezy thing and is going to be carrying a red balloon any day now. They need an intervention.

Sammy knocks, Bates answers. He does his sign gimmick. It is pretty awesome. I haven't seen much of his vlog but it looks fun. I might check it out one day. Leva and Peter share a moment to close the segment.

Anderson drank piss, turned into a cartoon character. That...happened...

Dolph's brother broke a Guinness World Record for highest dude to ever stay under water for a minute.

Kris turned heel and murdered Yuta.

Kenny and Matt show off some kicks. Omega's are black and yellows.

Oh, apparently the Cole debut might be as soon as this week. We'll see. It's soon either way. They have way too much money.

We got a nice tour of the United Center and then 2point0 looked for NWO Sting. If you cup your face and yell, "yo, bitch", Sting will actually appear, slap your tiddies, and then disappear again.

Cutler and the YB Boys watch Jurassic Express' eliminator match.

Fin. Good shit, other than the vomit inducer section.