AEW Road to Homecoming Thoughts

In preparation for Homecoming, we have the latest Road to installment. Fuck it, lets take a look. Note that I have been told that nothing big is expected this week so don't count on any surprises this time around.

The card alone is worth seeing, though.

Black's debut is shown and then he's given a nice promo spot alongside highlights from his building angle with Cody. A damn good package with super quality production here. I wonder if End will lead a House of Black unit in AEW...

Moving along, Miro gets his own spotlight. It was good. He's clearly set for a very long reign. They're building him strong as fuck and even gave him a specialized version of the TNT Championship. They gave his Nightmare crew opponent a moment, too. The dude has a big test ahead of him. I still think Johnson goes back to Dark after, but that's cool.

We got a look at Jericho/Gage's match and Chris after. He put over Gage big time. They capped off with a tease for his next match against Juvy.

It was an enjoyable ten minute preview with super top shelf production on display. Worth checking out if you're wanting to get hyped for Dynamite.