1.Elimination: Oedo Tai (Konami, Tora, Ruaka, Saki, Fuikgen) vs STARS (Mayu, Rin, Starlight, Koguma, Hanan) ***1/2


I decided, seeing as I am caught up on the show again finally, to review it live this week.

The stream begins at 10 Eastern so if you're here before that, go grab your fourth cup of coffee and wait a moment. Or is that just me that drinks far too much coffee?

We're LIVE!

Intros play and we get a shot of Wave gold and look at the talent backstage about to come through the curtains. Tonight's match is from Tokyo Dream Cinderella for those that care, which took place on the 12th of June. Oedo Tai against STARS, elimination rules. If STARS fail, Starlight Kid joins the heel faction.

We start with a mass brawl before cutting ahead and the ruda unit is in full control, beating down Mayu. I really like how they've been building up Oedo Tai, by the way. And the way Mayu keeps being betrayed and taking general shots to the soul has been an interesting sight for sure.

The resilient face unit had spurts for sure in the early stages, even getting the first elimination. I love the pacing here. There is a tough of roughness around the edges though, too. A good ebb and flow overall, though.

Another elimination in favor of STARS before Fuikgen Death pays them back!

Mayu fucked up, eliminating Death AND her teammate! A flashpin eliminates another STARS member shortly after. We're down to two on two by my count.

Scratch that, Iwatani is OUT! Starlight is being double teamed but manages to break away long enough to even the score! 

Starlight vs Tora!!

Starlight was possibly about to win but Oedo Tai pulls the ref out and they begin to play the numbers game. Leg drop from the second rope and 1, 2, KICK OUT.

The underdog spirit isn't dead.

Tora is trying to murder her, though. Mayu is stuck in the corner, tied up. Forced to watch her friend fall.

It's over. Oedo Tai WIN via Death Valley Bomb!

The crying begins. The extra stipulation enacted! Starlight Kid is forced to join Oedo Tai as a result of STARS failing here. 

Backstage, Tora carries their new member. The two units have been at war but this seemingly ends any chance STARS has at winning. What's next? I have no idea but am eager to find out. I am even more excited to see how SLK handles the major change and think this is the next step in a huge career.

This week's episode was pretty damn fun. The match was fast paced, very good entertainment and the results and what they mean makes this one a must-see installment for anyone that calls themselves a fan of the roster and product. Check it out!

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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