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This Week in WWE TV, 07/19-07/23 ONGOING



1.Keith Lee vs Lashley NR

2.Kross vs Hardy NR

3.Raw Women's Title: Flair(c) vs Rhea **1/4


4.KUSHIDA, Fish vs Diamond Mine ***1/4

5.O'Reilly vs Theory ***1/4

6.NXT Women's Title: Raquel(c) vs Xia **


RAW featured Cena returning to complain about a dude that isn't on Raw. He claimed to love chaos. It was standard fun Cena stuff. Not good, not bad. He'll be on Fox, too. No way he isn't because Fox won't be happy seeing all the love USA got instead, otherwise. What chants are annoying. A Summerslam match between Cena and Roman should be fun, at least. It won't be a MOTYC and that's okay. Roman will get a nice rub that I hope WWE doesn't fuck up. It's a coin flip.

Keith Lee returned. He lost to Lashley in about two minutes because that's how you bring back a dude. Then Goldberg came out to challenge the dude. So, Cena on SmackDown. Goldberg on Raw.

NXT was supposed to help keep AEW's numbers down but didn't do as well as hoped, the entire situation leaving Vince a bit triggered. The brief bit of time that the brand was seeing some inkling of respect was destroyed slowly and especially here. Kross debuting, without Scarlett and while still being booked as a monster champ on Tuesdays, and then falling in two minutes to Jeff Hardy is a message. Anyone that has been helping build him up as a force should be pissed right now, by the way. 

Drew took out Jinder and crew. Meh.

Flair and Rhea was okay for what it was and ended in cheap fashion. Her NXT reigns were dropped from her title count. Message received, right? After, Nikki A.S.H. cashed in and beat Flair for the belt. Fun stuff for the kids if nothing else.

On NXT, Joe called out Kross. Regal came out, annoyed. The segment was better than it should have been. Falling to 2021 Jeff on Raw and then the next say being still sold as a beast. I should care about the match now why? Right? Joe and Dunne shared a moment later, too.

Kushida and Fish beat Diamond Mine. Why have them fall this quickly? As a match it was actually borderline recommendation levels and a nice, crisp tag match.

Basically the same can be said for Kyle and Austin's singles match, which was the next chapter in Kyle's 2021 which has been rather fun to watch.

Hit Row crashed the Legado crew's segment. It could make for a killer match.

The women's championship contest was super average stuff and the injury and tone deaf finish to boot didn't help things.