You know one of the biggest reasons that Trump was elected in the first place? Because CNN gave the dude billions in infinite airtime because it boosted their own ratings. So, when those ratings drop after the election and you've spent far less time on the dude, what do you think is going to happen? That's right, they are amping it all up again. Fun, right? 
I'm not one for censorship. Increasingly so. 

I just think Outlets need to own their part in all of this instead of Biden and crew acting like censoring people is the answer. I'm also sick of seeing the media circle jerk as they all act superior, whether it be Fox or CNN etc. Americans are hurting and all we are given is cheap shot television of Idiocracy level stupidity while being told to point our fingers at The Other.

Fuck that.

Also, Biden won't run for reelection and Harris can't win anything. That mixed with the free publicity, the angst, and the feeling many will likely have that the Democrats have done little to prove they should be reelected in combination with various awful things I fear are on the horizon between now and then and you have a recipe for Trump to return, presuming he isn't in prison. 

Holy run on sentence, right?

But yeah, rich folk rarely face true justice so who knows. Flip a coin and decide if we're getting Trump or some other charismatic conman that the base props up.

Bezos thanked everyone for shopping at his monopoly after going up for a joy ride in a giant metal penis to play with candy for a moment. The media left cum everywhere and didn't even have the decency to towel it all up. 

The general populace didn't give a fuck because the fires out west are creating their own damn weather patterns and the news is still mocking and shaming anyone that doesn't want to rush back to poverty wages and entitled Karens treating them like subhumans daily. 

That's fun. 

China is dealing with flooding. Also, speaking of China, Fauci continues to try to redefine gain-of-function. While US dollars might not have direct ties to the possible virus creation that may or may not have originated in a certain lab, it's still a bad look. Also a bad look? Telling people not to wear a mask because of a shortage we created and deciding you have the right to lie to the American people. The meaning of public servant is far different than what these assholes think.

Google Wetbulb if you get a chance. Mass migrations, water wars, and large parts of the world, including in the states, to be uninhabitable will be coming soon for those Mad Max fans out there.

Meghan McCain, on a major platform that she gets usage to solely because of her daddy, complained about people being triggered while she was triggered about someone not loving something in the same way as her. She also pretended someone was telling her that she had to stop loving a piece of cloth. She played victim big time and evoked her dad once again while acting like she hates doing it. 

They're treating a largely non-existent issue of discriminations against anti-vaxers a civil rights issue and, in Texas, you can't teach that the KKK was bad.

Israel used fucked software that many of us knew about to track some rather interesting names. They also helped cartels in Mexico take out someone by helping their government who basically owns the cartels. They claim they ensured they were only giving the spyware findings to folks of high standards. They have the worst judgment of fucking anyone if that's true. Check out Snowden's Twitter feed for arguably the best takes on the subject.

Oh, and a reminder that kids are still in cages.