StarGazer's Psychic Secretions is the first piece I've heard from the Australian group and it left a pretty decent impression. Cosmic AtmosMetal is how I'd describe the music, which leans heavily into their experimental whims largely to success. 

There's a raw, indie soul alongside pretzel precision that twists throughout the runtime, ensuring an organic and passionate album for us all to dive full on into. You can sincerely tell a lot of hard work and creativity were poured over every inch of the album and I applaud them loudly for that. I can see some modern music nerds being insulted by the sound quality, scoffing while shaking their fists in anger, but I think it adds the perfect cherry and a charm that compliments the art overall.

StarGazer are a force here and put in for a sincerely great album. Give this one a spin when you get a chance. 

Rating: ***3/4