Select Match Reviews: OmegaDeath (IMPACT Slammiversary)


1.X-Division Title, Ultimate X: Alexander(c) vs Ace vs Bey vs Williams vs Miguel vs Rohit ***3/4

2.Moose vs Sabin ***1/2

3.IMPACT Women's Title: Purrazzo(c) vs Thunder Rosa ***1/4

4.IMPACT World Title, No DQ: Omega(c) vs Callihan ****1/4


The Ultimate X match rocked. Great stuff. I really love this match gimmick and this pool of dudes did well with it for sure.

Moose and Sabin was pretty good stuff. Their feud isn't a big deal for me, but there should be a few decent matches out of it.

Purrazzo and Thunder Rosa was my next pull. Anytime I get more TR, I'm happy. Deonna is a serviceable worker and a decent choice as champ and arguably the best they have in the division, though still I do find a lot of her work average. This was a good match overall but it could've been better. Perhaps her best defense thus far, still.

The main event saw Kenny Omega successfully defend in a no disqualification match against Sami Callihan. It started with a damn spike piledriver. It was exactly as violent as I hoped it would be and served as yet another fantastic match from Omega. The Belt Collector angle has been solid gold and has provided for countless high caliber outings. Check this one out if nothing else.

Slammiversary had some hits for sure. At this point, the fact is you're either a diehard fan, someone that checks out the brand from time to time, or you just refuse to watch anything TNA/IMPACT. If you're in the first camp, you've seen these. In the second? Go ahead and check out the ones that catch your eye. If you're in the third I can't help you and I'd just ask why the fuck you're even reading this article (though I thank you regardless).

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