Match From NXT 07/13
1.NXT Title: Kross(c) vs Gargano ***
special guest ref: Samoa Joe

A reminder, but I am fine tuning #SLAMMASTERS and dealing with some health issues.

The image above makes you feel like you need a cigarette after looking at it, doesn't it...


Anyway, Kross and Gargano are having a fun little rivalry right now. They're pacing out Kross' reign in an interesting way. I'm pretty sure they are wanting to utilize him well enough while they have him because he seems to be set to start working Raw or SmackDown soon. I hope they don't split up him and Scarlett.

This match was good but far below what I expected. I said when KK won that his run wouldn't be the center of many MOTYC's but I will say having a title match that was JUST good against Gargano says something. I have no issue when he moves "up". And that's okay. He will fit well there I think. In NXT he's just Roode and company again. Again, this is good. It's just not more than good and that's kind of sad.

Oh well.