Red Rose Report #2: Assorted Issues With the World Today

The other day, while doing laundry, I happened upon a pair of gentlemen discussing a variety of topics when one asked me a very loaded question; "do you have hope for the future?"

I was hesitant to engage initially, but eventually just said, "no."

I wrote last time about a few of the numerous end game scenarios that I feel we're heading toward at a quick pace. This time, lets break down some other issues with the world today.

The CPAC was as much a clusterfuck as I expected. Trump admitted, to applause and laughter, what we all know; that anything he doesn't like gets called fake regardless of how accurate it is. The man is a grifter and does well to capitalize off of his base. Hell, he just launched a series of lawsuits against sites like Twitter and is asking his cult for money to help support him. He filed them outside of the correct jurisdiction. He just wants the money he knows he'll get.

Jenner was mocked by many there, with the expected bigotry taking place. She doesn't care though because tax breaks that benefit her clearly mean more than integrity and solidarity for her fellow community.

They complained an awful lot about cancel culture, too. It's funny that they mastered the art and bitch about it when it serves them in their culture war games. They offer the working class nothing but thrive off of those tactics. If one had gotten up there and promoted the idea that everyone should get vaccinated they'd have been "canceled" by the audience. Of course, that's not how you play that game, though.

Meanwhile, reports are suggesting the current admin is considering censorship of text messages similar to how Twitter etc have been doing. It's a dangerous thing to even consider and imagine how it will be abused in the future by even worse administrations, especially Trump's when he wins again is a few years.

We both know Harris can't win. She had to drop out of the race because she didn't want to be further embarrassed by the outcome in her own state and has done little to earn my respect enough that I'd expect a much better result in 2024.

Madagascar is starving, largely as a result of the climate crisis. Again, remember that the water wars are closer than you are ready for. Scientists need to invent tech that will save us at this point for the human race to really even have a chance. Kids are eating leaves for fucks sake. Do not call yourself pro-life and pat yourself on the back if you support folks that are owned by the oil industries. 

Cuba, seemingly the only place the USA cares about right now that's having issues since it fits a narrative, is hurting bad. Of course, they're getting a mixed bag of interventionalist propaganda and thoughts and prayers treatments right now. A real help we could actually provide would be ending the draconian sanctions. Biden will not be doing that.

One good thing is that Biden went hard on questions suggesting we should stay in our forever war in the middle east. I believe we'll leave a presence there but applaud us largely leaving which seems to be happening before the eleventh of September. They've also claimed they will not be treating it as a celebration which I agree with. There's nothing to praise.

The art industry, known for being a giant money laundering ploy, has a new contributor; Hunter Biden. They are handling this in a way that will easily allow for folks to overpay for D-level work and then ask for favors later, of course.

Donziger is still not free, in a case that I hope everyone is aware of already. If not, know that he dared to take on one of the companies that own the country and has had his freedom striped from him as a result. You need to follow that one. I'd point you to a recent appearance on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour for a first stop.

The Mainstream Media continues their war against New Media. Note that the trust in the MSM in the states is in the basement and they're to blame for it. Regardless of your thoughts on the latter, you should keep an eye on this fight, too. The refusal to accept blame on failures is much like the behavior I see so often from the DNC.

Another man that isn't free is Assange. The US continues their war on a man who dared to do something our constitution begs for. Trump ignored the "NYT Problem" and Biden continues it. It's a common act for 46. If you hated Trump's attacks on the press but ignore the Assange case, you're a hypocrite. Remember, by the way, that the key testimony against him was from a pedo that has admitted to lying.

The Olympics near. A reminder that countries spend shit loads of cash for these events. Events that see athletes competing at the top level and not getting paid for it. Where stadiums are built that are left to decay and crumble after in areas that suffer terrible fates after. Countries waste large amounts that could have instead been used for infrastructure.

Nina Turner's lead is fading fast, perhaps suggesting the smear campaigns are working? She has fire but I am always put off seeing folks try to change the shark from within. Still, she's better than the other options in that picture.

Republicans were caught on a hidden camera praising Sinema and Manchin and admitting that they are propping up the filibuster and it is helping them drastically. They say that AOC and people calling them out is their in with them. It's really just the shared interest groups that own them all.

As the turtle man says we need to ensure we treat corporations like humans, Amazon has admitted to using their employees as collateral damage thanks to the flawed way that they determine is someone should be let go. This while they monopolize areas and fields and their employees pass out from the heat and they shit in bags to avoid taking too much time going to the bathroom. I don't need to replace my Pearl Jam albums that I wore out from too much play that quickly.

Undercover cops were indeed proven to have been at the attack on the 6th of January. Anyone paying attention knew the threat was there that day and they had loads of armed men and woman prepared and still failed. Now, they are getting further budget boosts so they can fail bigger? Also, many are calling for the police in the area to be further militarized. Shades of post-9/11 for sure.

The upward transition of wealth continues to peak and Nancy is raking in loads thanks to government contract related stocks. 

Rent and house prices both are to the moon right now and the meek are being priced out more than ever. Do you know what happens when, say, a kid grows up poor? They loose a large part of their childhood. The money given out with these minor stimulus checks overwhelmingly went to things like bills. They were far from enough and we all suffered while the rich got richer.

So, what's your take away of all of this? I don't claim to have all the answers and I'm one of the most non-violent people you'll ever meet so I refuse to accept that force is the solution. I'd love to know your own thoughts on the subjects and maybe even possible solutions though, so drop a comment somewhere that you find this and let me hear it.

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