NJPW on the Roku Channel #26 Review


1.Suzuki vs Ishii ****1/4

2.White vs SHINGO ***3/4

3.Okada vs Kota ****


Now, is when shit gets good!

So, I wanted to start showing my kiddos modern New Japan and add it to our weekly watching routine. If you've been reading, we started two episodes prior to this one, which saw EVIL dethrone Naito at the top of the tower. We then watched Tetsuya retake his spot. I honestly felt like it was the best place to start and stand by that.

Now, as I said before, is when shit gets good, though.

See, this is the start of G1 coverage. They've been introduced properly to how dickish Bullet Club can be, have seen how awesome Naito is and know he's champ at that time, and are ready for more but at an even better quality.

The first match I saw last year and loved. I mean, this is my type of shit and I had fun watching it again. Ishii is god tier to me as is Minoru and I cannot say enough about how good this was. If you love their style and want it in a sprint format, check this out.

The second match was great, even with the typical bullshit you get from a lot of Jay's matches. They worked hard and it worked super well as a #2 on the episode. 

We closed with a fantastic affair between Okada and Ibushi. While I hate Okada's sub move that he adapted during this period and feel he wasn't giving his full, that's still a lot coming out seeing as he's a fucking top shelfer. Kota was awesome here especially and him winning felt truly big.

Post, the episode officially capped off with Ibushi cutting a promo.

We'll be watching tomorrow's installment and then will try to catch it most weeks moving forward. They're loving it and I am always game for New Japan stuff, even if I have issues with some of the production choices here for the Roku version.

If you've never seen these matches or want to see them again, check it out HERE. Yes, it's free. 

I'll update the 2020 recommendations for these episodes as needed, for when I find a match I hadn't placed on the list.

Overall Rating: 90/100%

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