Dusting Off a Gem #2: Nektar's A Tab in the Ocean, a Review

The second Nektar album is a prog rock masterpiece. Having been released in 1972, it saw a spot on the Billboard at the 141 mark.

It deserved far higher.

The space these tracks call home boarders some near galaxy, providing a small window into what rests beyond our sights. There is a grove underlining the tunes, pushing everything forward while the rest of the members dance around. A poppiness lives throughout, but never in a manner that fully grasps you too far in one direction. No, A Tab tries to pull you in different directions with an unease attached to every inch of calm. It's beautiful in that way and completely elegant in its imperfections. And yes, it's not perfect, but there's a charm even in that which largely overplays any complaints.

If you love prog, you'll love this fantastic gem of a release.

Rating: ****

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