Select Match Review: A Family Thing (MLW)

Match From Episode 130

1.Marshall Von Erich vs Tom Lawlor ***


Note I was going to watch and review Hammerstone versus Mil too, but for some reason the episode isn't on YouTube. Lawsuit related? Who fucking knows at this point. I asked around and got this reply. There's something there, even if it's something boring. No one cares enough about MLW to actually dig.

This saw Daisy Duke loving, Lawlor, against one of the old Von Erich boys. The Filthy one worked from top for most of the runtime, with Marshall playing underdog through the attacks and even a cheap weapon shot, and was a matwork heavy encounter. While Marshall will never be a dude that wows you, he did a solid job here and I'd argue he's improving, albeit slowly.

Good stuff, even if not recommendation levels. A brawl followed to end the stream.

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