Matches from Dynamite Episode #78

1.Kenny Omega vs Matt Sydal ****

2.Lucha Bros, Laredo Kid vs Young Bucks, Brandon Cutler ***3/4

3.AEW TNT Title: Darby Allin(c) vs John Silver ***1/2


Thanks to my new series, #SNSM, I am UTD on AEW...except for this episode of Dynamite!

Sydal was elevated here, showing he's still more than capable of greatness, against Kenny Omega with both working hard and putting in a for a fantastic match full of quality athleticism and nice near falls. I sincerely enjoyed this and hope we see more Sydal matches like this in the near future.

Baker's promo, following her amazing display against Thunder, was fucking great. I look forward to seeing her as champ, which I hope happens some time this year.

The trios match was great and it's especially nice seeing Laredo Kid back in an AEW ring. The dude is having a career peak right now and it's long overdue! Everyone played their roles well and even odd man out, Cutler, did well enough here.

After, Kenny attacked Laredo and then cut a nice promo on the Bucks. Good shit, even if I dislike how flaky they've been on Matt and Nick, in my opinion, at least. After Matt and Nick left Omega alone in the ring, Penta and Fenix attacked to set up the six-man for the next week.

Eddie and Mox's promo was as good as you'd expect. Kingston, selling his injury, was well done and I look forward to seeing the payoff down the line.

Last up, Silver and Darby in a very good TNT Championship main event match! Silver working a main event match brings a big smile to my face as the Meat Man was easily one of my favorite dudes to do video edits for when I was helping CZW last. I appreciated this being worked clean, with Sting standing by to ensure it, and I even liked the chaotic aftermath that followed.

As usual, there's some great shit here. This one aired on my birthday and feels like a nice, late gift. Check out anything that sounds interesting that you missed!