1.Giulia vs Tam vs Kamitani vs Utami ***1/2
2.Goddesses of STARDOM Titles: Oedo Tai(c) vs Donna del Mondo ***1/2


The opener was interesting for sure, seeing the Wonder of STARDOM Champion, Giulia, and the World of STARDOM Champion, Utami, against Tam and Saya in four way action. Tam was in the middle of a heated rivalry with Giulia, which was sold awesomely here. It was also about the Kamitani/Utami match build, which was done decently, too. Admittedly I think a tag match would have been better, but this was still very good and the outcome was interesting.

Tam and Giulia continued to fight after the bell.

Clipped down highlights of AZM & Mei beating Starlight & Saya followed, with Saya taking the pin. 

The Goddesses set was on the line next and saw DdM dethrone Bea and Konami. The interference wasn't overdone and actually added to the drama instead of taking too much away, and the downstretch was well done. They worked hard and put in for the second recommendation worthy match of the episode. Tora and Saki from Oedo Tai challenge after, promising to bring the belts back to the unit.

This one is a mileage may vary episode for sure but I enjoyed it well enough to suggest that anyone reading go ahead and check it out, like most episodes in the series. Click play above if so inclined.

Note that I am caught up on the series now and will hopefully be able to watch new episodes the same day the release now. I am also caught up on AEW and I think ROH, too. NJPW and WWE are likely next.

Thanks for reading, as always.

Overall Rating: 75/100%