We are STARDOM!! #62 Review


1.SWA Undisputed Women's Title: Syuri(c) vs AZM ***3/4
2.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Giulia(c) vs Starlight Kid ****1/4

We start hot with a great SWA Undisputed Women's Championship match, with nice pacing, tight action, and a sick buzzsaw kick finish as Syuri puts down another challenger, this time in AZM. It worked not only because it was a kick ass match, it also kicked off the episode nicely and flowed well from the last one which ended with Syuri beating Momo and then being challenged by AZM. My only big issue is how they booked it leaning so heavily in favor of the champ.

Well done, nonetheless!

Konami looks to be the next challenger.

This is from the 02/13 show by the way.

We got to see a short, clipped down Cosmic Angels' Tam and Unagi falling to the duo of Iwatani and Rin next. Always nice to see Mayu get a pinfall victory. After, Rin was approved for more matches moving forward.

More importantly, in comparison to the rest of the episode, we closed with Giulia and Starlight Kid competing for the Wonder strap and damn it was fantastic stuff. When SK finally wins a major prize it's going to be electric for sure. This was arguably her best match yet, for the record, and a truly top shelf, must-see match.

Giulia attacked SK more after beating her with a Glorious Driver, cut her mask up a bit, and then removed it. Full rudo mode initiated.

Besides minor production nitpicks, this was easily one of my favorite episodes ever of my current favorite weekly wrestling series. 

Click play ASAP!

Overall Rating: 90/100%

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