1.High Speed Title: AZM(c) vs Yoneyama ***

2.Wonder of STARDOM Title, No Rules: Giulia(c) vs Tora ***1/4


This edition continues coverage from the 10th Anniversary gig, starting with a quick clip of Natsupoi getting a win via DQ against Konami thanks to the latter using a chair while embracing her rudo side.

The first aired match saw AZM defending against Yoneyama, aka Death Yama-san. The latter honestly has seemed far more motivated lately and this match was actually good, over delivering on expectations.

The White Belt is on the line next, and we're joined in action. It was good, but honestly the interference and pacing issues added up to heavily for me to truly say it hit recommendation levels. Still, they worked well enough and utilized chairs, roofing tiles(?), and chains. The good news is the right person won and it will still be a decent win in this reign for Giulia.

This was far from one of the stronger episodes in the series, but still a completely serviceable half hour of wrestling for those just wanting something quick but fairly fun. Take your time though or skip it if you can find something better to watch.

Overall Rating: 70/100%