Match of the Decade: Thesz vs Rogers, NWA Chicago 06/21/50

Lou Thesz and Buddy Rogers put on an epic match in front of a legit crowd in Chicago, and for 30 minutes they traded blows and holds through a best two out of three falls battle that ended in epic fashion as Buddy got trapped in the ropes as the ref counted him out. The work here was high shelf caliber stuff and I strongly recommend fans to check it out. Find the match HERE.

Wrestler of the Decade: Lou Thesz

Thesz was a god of the sport at the time and contributed to a list of matches that have won the test of time. His aura was undeniable, his work superb, and you knew when he stepped into the ring something special was going to happen. A small library's worth of books have been produced on the art and many highlight this man as a titan of it all. His accomplishments for the ten year span include winning the NWA World Heavyweight Championship twice, the World Heavyweight Championship twice, the NWA International Heavyweight Championship, Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Championship, and Texas Heavyweight Championship for the 5th time. He was always holding gold for ten years straight with one of the reigns lasting over 1000 days and another over 2000. Simply put, no other man deserves the award of Wrestler of the Decade for the 1950's.

Promotion of the Decade: NWA

So, this shouldn't be very surprising considering the winners of the other two categories but it needs to be stated clearly that the NWA was the pinnacle of the sport in the 1950's, specifically the Chicago area sect of the body. Large crowds and in ring content that still holds up nicely today, NWA was the leader of the art at the time and no one else came close.