1.Future of STARDOM Title: Maika(c) vs Iida vs Kamitani **3/4

2.High Speed Title: AZM(c) vs Hoshizuki ***

3.Artist of STARDOM Titles, Elimination: Cosmic Angels(Tam,Mina,Unagi) vs STARS(Mayu,Starlight,Gokigen) ***1/2


An all gold episode this time around. Whomever works the graphics department though needs to make a change. Hopefully it's not a new ongoing theme. If you know, you know.

Up first, Iida finally took home the Future of STARDOM Championship after pinning Kamitani. Iida gets the gold, Maika is protected. A bit cheap in a way but it worked nonetheless and there was some decent emotion. Pretty decent match.

Next, AZM put away another challenger with her fourth successful defense in a good sprint. I'd be okay with her keeping the strap for a very long time.

Closing this one, the Artist of STARDOM Championships were on the line in elimination style action with the Cosmic Angels and STARS. MOTN for sure and a very fun contest. The heat between Mayu and Tam was cherry.

In all, a solid episode. Just watch the main if pressed for time.

With this, I only have one more 2020 content based episode of We are STARDOM!! left to watch. The review should be up in a bit. Thanks for reading.

Overall Rating: 70/100%