We are STARDOM!! #56 Review


1.Wonder of STARDOM/SWA Undisputed Titles: Giulia(wonder) vs Syuri(swa) ****

2.World of STARDOM Title: Utami(c) vs Momo ***3/4


This is the last episode of We are STARDOM!! featuring 2020 based content that I am watching. After this, I have very little remaining from the year as I finish catching up.

The first match saw Giulia and Syuri go to war in a 30-minute draw. They kept a strong pace and the intensity level was nicely done, too. The growth of Giulia in 2020 was amazing as she went from being a strong worker to one of the best in STARDOM. This emotional battle in no way felt cheap despite the finish style and was worth watching for sure. Mileage may vary.

The main event was a big test for new champ Utami but she stepped up nicely and did well to prove that she's more than worthy of the reign. It was a great, well worked match between her and the goddess that is Momo. The story attached was enjoyable and I appreciated the burn they've been adding fire to all year with Utami. I am eager to see where the run goes next.

STARDOM's roster had a long list of hits last year and this episode is a nice cap for it all. Click play for sure on this one!

Overall Rating: 90/100%