Select Match Review: Demons & Dragons (IWRG)

Match from IWRG 10/25:

1. IWRG IC MW Title: Demonio Infernal(c) vs Dragon Bane ***1/2


With AAA's YouTube being MIA thanks to the lawsuit, and the one CMLL match that interested me being unfindable, this went from a roundup list to this. This is surely also the last post I get a chance to make before my move, for the record. I hope y'all are enjoying the new layout as well as the new sister site, Watch Now! Wrestling.

A match from one of the most reckless looking shows of the year was going to start this one off when it was still a roundup but I couldn't get into it at all for many reasons. Seriously folks, what the fuck is wrong with you all? Fun fact for those that try to pretend that dropping 1+% of the population is okay, which isn't even the right rate and is still genocide, but that ignores the high amount that require hospitalization (which itself is a death sentence in a place like America) as well as the many reports showcasing the terrors of long term damage the virus can cause. But sure, your wrestling show is more important. Anyway, with that out of the way lets move on. I just had to say that because I truly am exhausted at how terrible humanity truly is.

Championship action from IWRG, with Demonio Infernal putting up the IWRG Intercontinental Middleweight strap, is the pull here. I firmly believe when the world inevitably turns into a Mad Max level dystopia that IWRG will still be running shows, for the record. These two might even still be main eventing the shows since it's really not that far off. But yea, like most things with this crew it was a bit rough around the edges yet still highly entertaining and overall pretty good thanks to how hard they worked. If you enjoy car crash lucha libre, consider giving this one a look.

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