1.Erik vs Moss **

2.Humberto vs Dolph **1/2


This week we got to see Erik do the job to one of the most average workers ever. Fun fact but before joining WWE, the wrestler formerly known as Ray Rowe dated an ex of mine. From all experiences I've had he's a decent dude. Same with Hanson. But yea, the opener was the definition of a two star match.

Clash of Champions content was showcased throughout. Some of the matches will be on my watch list for the month when I get that far along. Probably just the ladder match and main.

Asuka defended against Vega in a Raw match. Nothing major and nothing worth even going into. Asuka rightfully won at least.

Rey family drama. Meh. If it all means Murphy gets pushed it's okay, but the fact that they have him grooming while keeping a pedo signed on NXT is a special kind of fucked up. Dominik and Murphy's match was athletic but with a shit finish and bs drama tacked on. It's like a bad soap.

*Correction, apparently she's legal. It's still a tad on the nose and feels like Vince being Vince*

Poor Dolph. I just watched him main event against McIntyre and now he's on Main Event opposite Humberto. It was a solid match at least albeit a mostly uninspired one.

The episode closed with a look at Drew beating Randy with loads of help, which is an iffy call for sure, Drew beating Roode in a title defense that looked solid, and then Randy "beating up" legends in the dark.

My daughter only cared for the Asuka moments, the main event, and the ambulance match clip. In all, it was a quick hour but one that defined mediocrity more often than not. 

Overall Rating: 50/100%