The Debate That Mattered (AEW)

As I catch up on missed content, one non-match moment that I wanted to make sure to cover her in the blog took place on AEW Dynamite and saw Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy participate in a debate. During that segment, WCW legend, Eric Bischoff, served as the moderator. This was clearly something I had to see. The two presidential debates that we got between Biden and Trump were absolute train wrecks so if you need a palate cleanser this might be just what you need if nothing else, presuming you missed it.

Note that it was 20 years ago that Eric was last on TNT, which is a rather awesome stat to log.

Of course, the entire thing was to be taken in a manner that was far from serious, but that's okay. It was meant to be fun and entertaining and I think it easily succeeded at that. The layout was clever and unique and worked as a reminder of the creativity behind the scenes of the program, especially when you remember that WWE is still recycling the same things that they have been using on repeat for decades with little split or deviation from the norm. While I will always call out Tony Khan for the things he's done that I find to be in poor taste, which I mention as a way to remind readers that I am far from a fan boy, I must give an Orange Cassidy style thumbs up to whomever approved this taking place and to Khan for putting this roster together on broadcast television.

Expect Sting to be used in a similar cameo style role that Eric has been used in moving forward, by the way.

Check it out above if you missed it.

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