1.Doi vs Eita (08/02) ***1/2

2.Kenou vs Nakajima (08/04) ****1/4

3.Go vs Marufuji (08/05) ****1/0

4.CHAOS vs Golden Ace, Wato (08/08) ****

5.Suzu vs Yukihi (08/09) ****


Watching episodes of Dimension 20 has slowed my catching up of wrestling but I have no regrets. Fantasy High is amazing. Also, I am working on putting together a Dungeons & Dragons stream with wrestlers for charity. Just a heads up. In regards to this round up, this time I did just five matches. There are a few reasons, but I largely wanted to see if I liked the format.

Up first this time around, we have content featuring two of the top names of the unique roster that makes up Dragon Gate going one on one. Sadly, despite my expectations, this was underwhelming. While pretty good, I expected far more especially for such a big moment. Alas, the issues were too much to rate higher but I know many considered it to be far better than myself so perhaps I am being too hard.

The second match didn't disappoint, though. A shit load of kicks and strikes and a few suplexes tossed in for good measure for nearly 30 minutes is all I asked for and I got exactly that. Sometimes it really is that simple and I loved this. The ending was perfect, too. Watch this for sure.

Sticking with NOAH, Marufuji tried his best to shred Go's arms and bash his head in but failed to put the champ away in the end. The fighting spirit here was strong and the story telling was top shelf. Naomichi is still a legend and Shiozaki added to his own legacy here. Fantastic stuff.

Up next, one of the best NEVER 6-man matches I've seen. Wato looked pretty good and everyone, even YOSHI-HASHI stepped up. The energy was what made this so fun, really, and they made it feel like only 5 minutes. Another worth seeing.

Joshi action in the five spot, closing things out with a touch of flair. Hard hitting stuff with multiple, believable near falls, tight action, and a finish/outcome that had me standing. Ice Ribbon slips under the radar of many, even some of the more diehard fans of the art of wrestling, but stuff like this is what keeps me coming back.

Watch them all this time, but prioritize the NOAH matches and then move to Ice Ribbon and New Japan after. Save the first pull for last.

Don't forget to vote! Part two will be up soon along with some reviews of We are STARDOM!! episodes from the month and more.