WWE Main Event 09/24 Review


1.Belair vs Morgan *1/2

2.Richochet vs Mustafa ***


We started with another bland as fuck Bianca match. My daughter really enjoyed Liv here. Nothing else worth saying about this one.

The package promoting Reigns/Uso was well done and the Smackdown angle and match showcased seemed okay.

We see Drew and Lee end in DQ thanks to Orton. Randy with a decent promo afterwards.

The other match of the night was a good one from the artist formerly known as Prince Puma and Mustafa Ali. The two obviously have far more in the tank and it actually ended abruptly as they were starting to build this into something better but it was fun for what it was and my daughter loved it. Two friends having fun. I will note that I continue to hate WWE's camera work and found it especially bad here.

Sasha and Bayley continues which is something my kid really is attaching to. There wasn't much here, but she was hooked for sure while it ran.

They closed with more Retribution stuff. The awful names and Bane masks mixed with the COVID shit from simple stupidity makes the group seem DOA. Anyway, I didn't care much for this but the Orton spot to end the episode was okay.

In all, I'd give the Roman stuff and the main event a nod but it was a very skippable installment. The good news is the run time and watching the kid have fun makes it go down easy, though.

Overall Rating: 50/100%

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