The Mars Volta-Lunar Antidote Unauthorized Album

A few years back, I wanted to test my abilities and put something fun together. The RWB Music posts here in the blog are more than just albums I've personally made with my own projects, but also unauthorized albums I have put together largely utilizing unreleased tracks and b-sides. Lunar Antidote remains something I am proud of and has been rather popular for what it is. I happen to know it was passed around the internet by some as a bootleg even. Alas, I hope you enjoy it either way.

Released July 24th, 2016

Track Listing:
1. Ambuletz 
2. Clouds/Orchestrina pt.1 
3. Happiness 
4. Postulate 
5. Mr. Muggs 
6. The Bible and the Breathalyzer 
7. A Plague Upon Your Hissing 
8. Clouds/Orchestrina pt.2 
9. Pulled to Bits 
10. Untitled 
11. Whisper to Your Flinch 
12. Clouds/Orchestrina pt.3 
13. Back Up Against the Wall

All music made by The Mars Volta 

Art by Jeff Jordan 

Track Nine is a Siouxsie and the Banshees Cover

Track Thirteen is a Circle Jerks cover 

Lunar Antidote is an unauthorized album

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