WWF Signature Intro 1996-1997 (Black Version) [HD Remastered ...
Match from SummerSlam 92
1.WWF Intercontinental Title: Bret Hart(c) vs British Bulldog ****1/2
Matches from WrestleMania X
2.Bret Hart vs Owen Hart ****1/4
3.WWF Intercontinental Title, Ladder: Razor Ramon(c) vs Shawn Michaels ****
Match from SummerSlam 94
4.WWF Heavyweight Title, Cage: Bret Hart(c) vs Owen Hart ****1/4
Match from In Your House 10: Mind Games
5.WWF Heavyweight Title: Shawn Michaels(c) vs Mankind ****

These are from Cagematch's highest rated matches from 90's WWF. I've seen each of them, but it has admittedly been many years. Hell, for some it's been since the actual 90's. Remember the 90's? Such a weird fucking time. So anyway, I dug these up to keep that theme going that I've been running of late. This is the era of my childhood and featured many of my favorite matches and workers. Even so, I watched these fairly to rank them by today's standards and they all held up pretty dang nicely. And, of course, there was loads of over the top chaos and spectacle and a touch of technical brilliance thanks to the Hart Dungeon related matches.

The first pull saw Bret and the British Bulldog work a classic Summerslam main event encounter in front of a great crowd. I'd argue this is Bulldog's best match and I think it can go without argument to call it his most memorable. While I know it is polarizing to many, I feel it was truly fantastic stuff that showcased both men nicely!

Second up, an emotional battle between the Hart brothers. The combination of matwork and counter game worked perfectly as the two told their story in an triumphant manner. The flow was perfect and the contest itself deserves modern eyes.

From the same show, we have HBK and Razor/Hall working one of histories first big ladder matches. The gimmick has been done far better over the years, but this was still a special encounter nonetheless and a very influential one, too. Note that they worked a more psychological format here than most fans might be used to today, which worked well considering the names.

Next, Bret and Owen in a cage! The passion and intensity here built perfectly off of the WMX encounter and worked as a very fitting sequel. While they certainly could have cut the escape attempts in half, it worked for the story they were selling and made for quite the show.

Lastly, for now, we have HBK defending the top prize of WWF versus Man-fucking-kind! I hated the overkill finish that ruined the momentum and made Foley come off as a second rate chump, but the action before it was top shelf stuff. This could have been a legit classic had they not fucked it up, but it remains one hell of a match.

I'll be doing a second part soon. Thanks for reading, as always.