The #SpeakingOut movement is an important one that I hope weeds out the filth of this industry that we love. So, I'd like to note that my ban on current content which is due to the COVID situation, and the fact that these companies are risking their talents needlessly, will now also include a new stipulation. Until the movement is "done" and all seems to be out, I don't want to promote current content. That includes once we have a treatment for COVID in place. I had grown to love CHIKARA again, for example, but cannot in good faith promote them now. I will have to take time to reflect.

I have always been able to look past even the worst of the worst in a way, even still being able to watch Benoit matches because I could recognize that he was awful for what he did but that it didn't make the matches any less spectacular. But it's just hard right now since this is in real time. I mean, I was wearing a Scurll shirt days ago and now am unsure if I can wear it ever again. I took a break from wrestling after Benoit to reflect and might need one again.

I will likely still cover older stuff like I have been. I know those old dudes are far from saints, but I am not championing them nor am I wearing merch or spending cash on the product.

Just know that if I do start watching new content again anytime soon, that if a match includes someone with credible allegations I will make sure to bring them up every freaking time that I review one of their matches. Their victims don't get to forget and neither should anyone else. If it's a promotion ran by predators, I likely won't bother at all, though. So, fuck CHIKARA, for example.

Thanks for understanding and know that right now we all need to listen. Thank you to those speaking up and being brave!