Matches from NWA-TNA Weekly Pay-Per-Views:
From NWA-TNA #8
1.NWA-TNA X Title: Styles(c) vs Lo-Ki vs Lynn ***1/4
From NWA-TNA #26
2.Triple X vs The SAT ****
From NWA-TNA #60
3.NWA Heavyweight Title: Styles(c) vs Raven ***1/2
From NWA-TNA #61
4.Super X Cup Semi: Juventud vs Teddy Hart ***1/2
5.Super X Cup Finals: Juventud vs Sabin ****
From NWA-TNA #84
6.Americas X Cup Finals, Elimination: Team AAA vs Team NWA ****
From NWA-TNA #99
7.World X Cup Ladder: EY vs Lynn vs Aguila vs Taichi ***1/2
From NWA-TNA #100
8.NWA Heavyweight Title, King of the Mountain: Killings(c) vs Styles vs Raven vs Jarrett vs Harris ***1/2

Note that I found this set sitting in my draft bin, having thought it was published months ago. Shit happens, right? Anyway, enjoy this throwback review collection!

With these, I've decided my journey into the Asylum is complete. I might make another trip one day for more obscure things, but these should be a good bookend for now. Note that I am considering largely getting away from promotion specific posts like these and focus more on matches per year when it comes to throwbacks. 

The first pull was a fun X-Division affair with the three trading stolen finishers on each other. Sure, the finish was wonky as fuck, but it was entertaining either way. Sad that Lo-Ki's first run was started like that but the dude's entire career has been a very strange thing to see.

Up next, six-man, X-Division action. See, TNA has rarely been a good show in regards to plots. The reason fans watched and some continue to watch has more to do with the talent making the best of situations. More often than not, bad situations. Here, we start with chaos and then start hot. These dudes worked breakneck speed for twenty minutes and put in for a match that still holds up to today's highspeed standards. There is a reason people praise the division for being revolutionary. This one holds up and is worth the time!

Number four was heel Styles, complete with Russo as a second and a Decepticon armband, defending against Raven in a fun title defense. Overbooked and chaotic, but fun. It's impossible to do a job and not have shenanigans and a visual victory thrown in to counter it during this period. Like, someone would have died if they had cut that.

The next pulls saw Juventud in two Super X Cup outings, including a semi-final as well as the finals. The first match was great, full of nice spots. The second was even better, . There's something special about stuff like this. TNA rarely realized that their biggest attraction was always the X-Division.

The finals were showcase just how influential and innovative these workers and this era were as it still holds up nicely today

The Americas X-Cup Finals showcase between AAA and NWA-TNA was pretty damn fun. Fantastic, high speed action and I have to say again that it speaks to how innovative this period is that this feels close to something you'd see today, years later, on tv.

Seven saw a very good ladder match between a fun foursome of names and some of the spots were rather unique. Seeing Taichi and EY so young was a nice bonus.

Closing the set, we have the first ever King of the Mountain match! Now, TNA was known for some of the most unique match types ever and it really was a 50/50 split on if it'd be a great idea or complete trash. I know most consider this one to be a trash concept, but honestly I don't hate it. I also didn't hate this match. It was chaotic and illogical at times, but entertaining as fuck. Raven at one point forgot the point of the match even. Somehow, perhaps against the odds, this just worked.

Also, Truth really doesn't fucking age a bit and is clearly a vampire.

I agree their Asylum years had some gems, but I also agree that it was a complete mess. An entertaining mess, sure, but a mess is still a mess. The true charm and importance of these years shouldn't be understated, though. NWA-TNA was revolutionary for the industry, continuing what WCW attempted and moving it forward. While at a smaller scale, they still pushed the boundaries and influenced the business in ways that are still seen today. That's something worth praising regardless of the dumpster fire that it came with.