Championship Wrestling #60 Review

1.MJF vs Mack **1/4
2.2/3 Falls: Monroe vs Simone **3/4
3.UWN TV Title,Bullrope: Isaacs vs Bateman ***1/2

I didn't notice this was from a 2019 taping until after I started, having assumed it was recorded early 2020. Oh well. I'd note that the owner was a dick to me at one point randomly for literally just asking a question and did so in a way that showcased a big ego. Fuck it, let's talk about this episode of wrestling.

I haven't watched a lot of CWFH over the years, but know they are decent. I don't expect myself to ever make this a regular occurrence and I honestly think the show still needs a lot of work. Know that I wasn't mention the hair game but...damn.

Anyway, the first match was pretty basic stuff. MJF was a generic heel, Mack was a decent baby face. Pretty phoned in from both.

The second was similar but far longer and happened to tell a decent story. Heather was the cocky heel with an interfering manager that won via flash pin. Her cockiness led to her asking for another go which the face won with a flash pin of her own. The third, which of course was gonna happen at that point, saw Simone once more take down Heather. Decent.

Last up, Isaacs and Bateman put in for a very good, bloody, old school style bullrope battle. I appreciate hard work and this was indeed that. The right man won, too so that's a bonus. My only big issue here was they cut away twice to show an after-match interview with the champ and it took away from the flow.

All of that said, and the constant Pro Shingle (their sponsor) advertisements aside, this was certainly one of the better episodes I've seen of the show. I mentioned previously that I've seen little, of course, but if you are seeking something different to check out, give this one a try. I mean, it's better than watching Raw...

Overall Rating: 65/100%

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