Bullet Club (poem)

As the metal tears through your flesh, ripping your soul from your body
I hope you take comfort in thoughts and prayers from the large gun lobby
That the owned politicians will slander your name
The police force will do the same
The thin blue line will excuse anything
And the news will say you were a part of a gang

As the metal tears through your flesh, leaving your family with a hole of its own
I hope your mother understands that tonight you aren't coming home
That the right is always right and the left will largely rest
That a few protests might launch but won't survive the test
The second amendment happens to be the best
Because fuck you gang banger, you were just a pest

As you turn on the television tonight
The spins running from your favorite right leaning night light
As you take in the propaganda and regurgitate it online
Do you feel safe behind that little, thin blue line?

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