Wrestling Society X #7 Review

1.The Cartel vs Grimes, Cannon NR
2.Sydal vs Human Tornado **1/2
3.Filth & Fury vs Los Pochos Guapos ***

They announced Vamp versus Ricky Banderas for the title on the next episode.

The opener saw Vic Grimes team with Arik Cannon to take on The Cartel. It was overbooked and the camera shakes were a bit much, but the whole show is over the top so it's whatever. If nothing else, it was short.

Sydal and Valentine share a cheesy moment before the second match. This played into the finish of that contest, killing all momentum they had built before. They ran another spot shortly after building off of the drama.

Team Dragon Gate is still being reprocessed.

Some drama between the Los Pochos Guapos took place in the main, but they overcame the highspot antics of Teddy and Cross to take the win. Good stuff.

WSX is stupid, it's crazy, and it's insane. It's also 20 minutes of pure fucking entertainment and even the bad stuff doesn't last long. This is my least favorite episode so far but it was still decent for what it is.

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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