Wrestling Society X #2 Review

1.Human Tornado vs Hawx **3/4
2.Team DG(Horiguchi,Yoshino) vs That 70's Team(Disco Machine,Joey Ryan) NR
3.WSX Title: Vampiro vs 6-Pac ***

This show is not for everyone, but I do think people missing Lucha Underground that never gave this a shot should give it a chance. It's loud and obnoxious, but damn if it's not entertaining as fuck! I mean this was 20 minutes of nonstop action.

The sprint opener with a violent post-match attack started things once again on a decent note. They followed that with a high octane tag contest featuring talents from one of my favorite promotions ever, Dragon Gate. Joey with a fucking inhaler...Sadly, they ran this very short and I biasedly feel the wrong team won there. The main was fairly good and continued to set the tone for the show, with Vamp coming back to win after an explosion spot finish.

Did you know Vamp doesn't like me? The feeling is mutal.

Another fun episode that held up decently, ladies, gents, and nonbinaries. Click play if you're bored.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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