Wrestling Society X #1 Review

1.Jack Evans vs Matt Sydal ***
2.WSX Rumble ***3/4

This show was fucking awesome. I decided to work through it again to see how it held up. Fingers crossed.

Up first, Matt Sydal and Jack Evans kicked the show off the right way with a pretty even, high octane spotfest. The interference didn't take away much, and it was a fun outing that set a good tone for the evening.

Justin Credible, New Jack, Teddy Hart and more got quick promo package treatments next pushing the WSX Rumble. The match itself was one of the better rumble style matches I've ever seen. Chaotic as hell, but the assortment of names involved and the frantic style worked together and somehow made the whole thing awesome. Seriously, this was fucking insane.

This show was very much a product of its time, but I still really like it for what it is and was and I'm excited to work through the series once again. Consider joining me in this journey!

Overall Rating: 80/100%